We Survived!

January 6, 2018

A very strong low just passed over New Zealand and we survived. But the news wasn’t good everywhere else. See for yourselves the news of flattened tents and wayward trampolines!

Oh my, how will they ever rebuild those three tents?! What will the Jackson family do without their beloved trampoline?! This wasn’t our first experience with airborne trampolines: we narrowly avoided them in Australia too.

But seriously folks, this was a bad storm. We anchored in Whangaruru and it was a very comfortable, safe place. We saw one gust to 44 knots but we’re pretty sure there were higher gusts while we had the instruments turned off. A observation station just across the peninsula from where we anchored had gusts to almost 60 knots.

We’re glad it’s passed and though we make light of it here, we’re sorry for the losses others have suffered in this storm. We’ll head further south today with our ultimate goal being Tauranga, about 150 miles south. -Rich

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