Swimming with Whales in Tonga

Mt. Yassur Volcano in Vanuatu

Snorkeling with a Dugong

Wreck of the Coolidge

Dakuniba Fruit Bats

Morning Bird Sounds

Binna Burra Bird Calls

Join Us

Motuara Island

Hector’s Dolphins

French Pass Video 1 – The French Pass to Camp/Fennal Bay

French Pass Video 2 – Scenes from a Short, Cold Passage



Moorea Stingrays

North Yasawa Islands, Part 2

Manta Rays in Fiji


Simrad Ruined our Fun

Simrad ForwardScan vs. Bombie

The Rocket Guide Explained (Rocket Guide to New Caledonia)

Google Translate as a Language Tutor

Range Rings on openCPN


Middleton Reef Part II – The Birds!

10,000 of our Closest Friends

Remora Man

Suva Arrival in 30 Seconds or Less

The Opua Regatta Dog Races

Legacy Bootcamp Continues

Cyclone Next Door

In the Path of Cyclone Evan

The Runway


R&D Engine Mounts Review

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