Sunset At The Motu Anchorage (Fulaga, Fiji)

September 14, 2013

This would be our final evening in Fulaga, but it looked like we’d be treated to a beautiful sunset. We brought our chairs outside, setting them up to face the motus while finishing the wine we’d opened. Sure enough, the sky turned golden and pink, and we watched the little rock islands darken as a blue dusk settled over the scene.

A bright half moon was up as night came on, and the water started to glow white around the little rock islands, the moon lighting up the sandy bottom through the clear shallow water. The horizon still had some light, but the sky above us was dark enough for bright stars to dot the sky. It was unlike anything I’ve seen before or since, one of those enchanted evenings where I think, “it’s all real.” It was so magical I didn’t want to go in to make dinner, so we stayed outside with our wine and continued to watch the scene. After I finally did make dinner, we brought it outside to eat and watch the motus in the moonlight.

When we went to bed, the half moon was high and unbelievably bright, lighting up the boat so much it was almost hard to sleep. Our enchanted day had continued into an enchanted evening; so much so we decided to get up early to see what dawn’s light might look like on the little islands. It would be more direct than the sunset light and probably worth getting up for. –Cyndi

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