Simrad Ruined Our Fun!

December 7, 2017

Going through this narrow, poorly charted pass should have been exciting – terrifying even. It wasn’t. It was easy. I honestly felt a little let down after we got anchored. I really was nervous about this pass. The Rocket Guide cautioned against taking it for a draft over 2 meters. The weather wasn’t right with lots of chop, a pretty strong current with us and no visibility through the water. It even looked like it might rain at one point. We decided to try it. We could always turn around and go to another anchorage, but we didn’t have to. I’m loving our new chartplotters and the ForwardScan sonar.

We recorded the entire trip through the pass so you can see what the ForwardScan sonar showed us. It also shows us using a satellite “chart” on our NSS9 EVO3 chartplotter.


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