Picking Up Where We Off in Fulaga (Including Scenes From Our Previous Episodes)

Written September 13, 2017 – traveling back in time to September 14, 2103

Generally I like to do my blog posts in chronological order, but occasionally special projects grab my attention. More than a year ago, I stopped all blog posts in progress to do a New Zealand South Island guide based on what we’d learned. After that, I went on to work on a Tasmania overview project to help answer the question many cruisers have: Should we consider going to Tasmania? Is it worth the effort? What about the rumored wind and cold, etc?

As always, this stuff took a lot longer to do than I thought, and now I’m faced with question of whether to go back and pick up where I left off in the chronological blog posts. I know it can be annoying to read recently added blog posts that are actually from the past, but leaving out years of our cruising experience feels wrong. So finally I’ve decided to go back to pick up where I left off: Fulaga, Fiji, 2013.

Rich will keep doing his real-time posts, and occasionally I’ll throw one in, too. We’re currently cruising in Vanuatu and enjoying it so much we haven’t done as much blog posting as usual, but now that the Tasmania project is done I’m hoping to get back into doing blog posts. So here it comes, the continuation of our Fiji cruise in 2013.

Just an rehash up to that point: we crossed the south pacific in 2012 and spent a season in New Zealand before heading up to Fiji in June 2013. We based ourselves in the town of Savusavu and over the course of two separate trips visited the locations on the map below, plus a small jaunt to Namena island on a commercial dive boat. Below, a map showing what we did (corresponding blog posts can be found in the All-Posts-Map section of our blog.)

Fawn Harbor
Viani Bay
Kennedy Bay
Albert Cove
Katherine Bay
Paradise Resort
Cousteau Resort
Namena Island

After another return to our home-base town of Savusavu, we provisioned as well as we could before making the two-night passage to an island group known as the Southern Lau. It was only recently open to yachties but quickly gaining a reputation as a must-visit area. Because so few cruisers had gone there up to this point, waypoints and information were sketchy. There would be villages, but no shops, markets or eateries. This would be about as remote as it gets and would take quite a bit of effort to get there, but the place was rumored to be spectacularly beautiful enough to make the journey worth it. Below, a map showing our trip south.

Fulaga (Southern Lau Island Group)

We arrived in the Southern Lau group of islands in late August and stayed nearly four weeks in the beautiful lagoon of an island called Fulaga (pronounced Fulanga). I was writing about our final anchorage when I bee-lined off into the other projects. For anyone interested, here (in chronological order) are the links to our Fulaga posts (Scenes from our Previous Episodes):

Going Through the Pass at Fulaga
Crossing the Lagoon in Fulaga
Arriving at the Anchorage for Muana i Cake
First Morning in Fulaga
Walking to the Village for Sevusevu
Muana i Cake Village
A Neighborhood Dinghy Ride
Church Day
A Fifty Dollar Pet Peeve
The Changing Light at our Fulaga Anchorage
Dinghy Ride Through the Islets
Back Across the Lagoon
The Sandspit Anchorage
The Blue Pool
Beach Party at the Sandspit
Snorkeling in Fulaga
Swimming Amidst Motus in Fulaga
Fifty Shades of Blue
The Sandspit
Our Sandspit Anchorage Neighborhood
Taking out the Trash
exploring the Sandbar Area
Final Visit to Shark Pass
Snorkeling the Fulaga Pass
Exploring the Motus
Final Evening at the Sandbar Anchorage
Our Motu Anchorage

In our most recent Fulaga post (the link just above), we had moved to our final anchorage, an amazing spot amidst small rock islands (aka motus) strewn across the intensely bright blue water of the outer lagoon. At the time we considered it one of the top three anchorages of our cruise, and now, even after all the cruising we’ve done since then, we’d still put it right up there.

We still have a couple more posts to do about this anchorage, and a general post or two about Fulaga, then we’ll be heading up to the islands of the Northern Lau Group.

So for now, I’ll end this post with one of my favorite Twilight Zone quotes:

“Press the button my friend. Send me back into time.”


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