links-iconBelow are what we hope are useful links…


  • MetBob – Bob McDavitt has been doing an incredible job of weather routing for us for about four years now. Can’t recommend him highly enough. Also see his weekly WeatherGram
  • – Our current favorite weather data viewer (when we have good internet)
  • Nullschool Earth – A great weather data visualization
  • Nullschool Earth Zone of Misery – where it’s too hot or too cold to exist
  • PredictWind – A paid weather routing program – amazing service!
  • Tropical Tidbits – current storm info
  • MetVuw – human-moderated weather charts from Victoria University, Wellington
  • SailDocs – Bandwidth optimized weather info via email

Weather Tools

  • qtVLM Free Weather Router Software
  • Viewfax PC program to download and view GRIB files (part of Airmail but you should be able to download and install it separately here)

Navigation Tools

  • OpenCPN Free Navigation Software
  • GE2KAP A free program to make satellite charts (KAP files)
  • ChartAid A great paid program to make KAP files
  • SAS Planet A free program useful for making/downloading/storing satellite images (Russian site – may need to use Google Translate to read)
  • NZMariner – free raster charts of the Pacific


Boat Info, Cruising Info and Forums

  • CruisersForum – probably everything you could want to know about boats and boating
  • Panbo – marine electronics
  • Noonsite – if there’s one master repository of cruising info, this is it
  • Soggy Paws – Great cruising info – check out their compendiums


  • YIT – a service from Gulf Harbor Radio with weather and yacht tracking
  • Webb Chiles Journal – inspiring read from a great sailor
  • You Shop – a good way to ship stuff to NZ
  • Defender – an alternative to West Marine with good prices and service
  • NewEgg – great online source of computer stuff
  • Maddox Anodes – substitute for zinc
  • The Boat Works – an amazing, wonderful boatyard in Australia
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