links-iconBelow are what we hope are useful links…


  • MetBob – Bob McDavitt has been doing an incredible job of weather routing for us for about four years now. Can’t recommend him highly enough. Also see his weekly WeatherGram
  • – Our current favorite weather data viewer (when we have good internet)
  • Nullschool Earth – A great weather data visualization
  • Nullschool Earth Zone of Misery – where it’s too hot or too cold to exist
  • PredictWind – A paid weather routing program – amazing service!
  • Tropical Tidbits – current storm info
  • MetVuw – human-moderated weather charts from Victoria University, Wellington
  • SailDocs – Bandwidth optimized weather info via email

Weather Tools

  • qtVLM Free Weather Router Software
  • Viewfax PC program to download and view GRIB files (part of Airmail but you should be able to download and install it separately here)

Navigation Tools


Boat Info, Cruising Info and Forums

  • CruisersForum – probably everything you could want to know about boats and boating
  • Panbo – marine electronics
  • Noonsite – if there’s one master repository of cruising info, this is it
  • Soggy Paws – Great cruising info – check out their compendiums


  • YIT – a service from Gulf Harbor Radio with weather and yacht tracking
  • Webb Chiles Journal – inspiring read from a great sailor
  • You Shop – a good way to ship stuff to NZ
  • Defender – an alternative to West Marine with good prices and service
  • NewEgg – great online source of computer stuff
  • Maddox Anodes – substitute for zinc
  • The Boat Works – an amazing, wonderful boatyard in Australia
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