Hidden Worlds (Bay of Islands, Vanua Balavu, Fiji)

September 19 – 23, 2013

Above, a map showing the “Hidden Worlds” area in Vanua Balavu’s Bay of Islands.

We stumbled across this area when we returned to check out an anchorage possibility we’d passed by when we first arrived. Would it be more protected for upcoming winds? Not enough to justify moving (this goes back to when we decided to use our stern anchor and stay put where we were). We did, however, discover a beautiful area behind the anchorage. Below, the intriguing pass that led into this area.

Inside we discovered a large inner pool surrounded by steep-sided cliffs and bushy growth. A tiny rock island sat in the middle, and the surrounding blue-green water had the characteristic brightness of so many of these hidden areas. (Below, a gallery of photos of this pool—you can click to enlarge and scroll though the galleries that follow.)

It was quite beautiful, but even more beautiful was what we found behind a small island that bordered the back end of this pool. There were two passes, one on each side of the island, that led to yet another area. (Below, photos of both passes)

This area’s pool was larger, yet it felt more enclosed and remote, a truly secret hidey-hole. The water glowed green and blue and thick vegetation covered its rock walls. It was an absolutely beautiful spot. –Cyndi

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