Exploring Around The Anchorage Island (Vanua Balavu, Fiji)

September 19 – 23, 2013

It’s probably obvious that we were pretty enamored with the Blue Pool, but that’s not to say the areas closer to us were chopped liver. The ride around the island that partly enclosed and created our anchorage could be pretty stunning. We’d take a pass through two small islands and find ourselves in a fairly wide open area dotted with little motus and, a short distance away, the pillar islands of the “Bay of Giants”.  (Below, an interactive map approximating our favorite route around the island.)

Our Anchorage
Around the Island
Bay of Giants

The mainland around this area was fairly mountainous, creating a dark backdrop as the sun and passing clouds would alternately light and darken various islands. When the sunlight hit the area around our island, the blues and greens would light up dramatically.

A bit further around we discovered a bombie the size of a small living room. We made plans to come back and snorkel it as soon as we got the chance, but the water was so clear we could see much of it without leaving the comfort of our dinghy.

Definitely a beautiful area, and very close to probably the most impressive place: The Bay of Giants coming up in the next post. -Cyndi

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